Throughout our 30-year history, we have been the happy and grateful recipients of several international and national awards and honors, both in Scandinavia and internationally.



2023, OMA Awards — 'Highlight of the Year'

2023, Monocle Design Award — 'Best Urban Park'

2023, Toronto Urban Design Award — 'Vision and Masterplan'

2023, City’Scape Award 2nd prize — 'City Landscape'

2023, The New Carlsberg Foundation's Honorary Prize assigned to Stig L. Andersson

2022, Scandinavian Green Roof Award

2022, Silver, MIPIM Asia – 'Best Green Development'

2022, WAF Award - 'Future project: Masterplanning'

2022, WAFX Award

2022, Longlisted, Mies van der Rohe Award

2021, WAF Award - 'Urban Landscapes’

2021, WAF Award - 'World Building of the Year'

2021, IOC, IPC & IAKS's gold medal - 'Sports and Leisure Architecture'

2021, Finalist, The City of Oslo's Architecture Prize with Stasjonsallmenningen

2020, Scandinavian Green Roof Award

2020, The Danish Association of Architects’ main prize 'Årets Arne'

2020, Design That Educates Award - ’Architectural Design’

2020, Vejleprisen for Skyttehushaven

2020, The City of Aalborg's Architecture Prize for Budolfi Square

2019, Finalist, EU Mies van der Rohe Award

2019, EcoTechGreen Award - ‘Green Technology and Green Infrastructure’

2018, MIPIM Award - 'Best Healthcare Development'

2017, Scandinavian Green Roof Award

2017, WLA Award - 'Conceptual Design'

2017, WAF Award - 'Higher Education & Research Complex'

2017, WLA Award - 'Research & Communication' for Why We Love Trees

2016, Norwegian Landscape Award

2016, WAF Award - Mixed-Use for Malmø Live

2016, Scandinavian Green Roof Award for Egedal Rådhus

2015, Danish Landscape Award

2015, WAW Award - Temporary Spaces for Fredericia C

2014, Scandinavian Green Roof Award for Novo Nordisk Nature Park

2014, The C.F. Hansen Medal assigned to Stig L. Andersson by The Royal Danish Art Academy

2012, Winner Landscape Architecture Europe Honour Award

2012, Finalist European Prize for Urban Public Spaces

2012, Nominee for The RIBA Award EU for The Crystal & The Cloud

2012, Nominee for European Prize for Urban Public Spaces

2011, ArchDaily Office Project of the Year for Cloud / Crystal

2010, The RIBA Award EU

2010, Nykredits Arkitekturpris assigned to SLA

2010, The Danish Lighting Prize for Nordvestparken

2006, Frederiksberg Municipality's Architecture Prize for Frederiksberg Bymidte'

2002, Topos European Landscape Award

2001, The Eckersberg Medal assigned to Stig L. Andersson by Her Majesty Margrethe II Queen of Denmark

1999, Hørsholm Municipality's Architecture Prize


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fund. 20

– The Book of Garden

Sakuteki – The Book of Garden is a manual, a textbook for Japanese gardeners in the 11th century. This introduction sounds like this: “In making the garden, you should first understand the overall principles. According…

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fund. 19

Essay: The Bark Room

“Bark is both living and dead, growing and cracking, a shell, a protective layer and an integral part of the wood’s tissue. It’s the bark structure and the way it peels, which separates the different…

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fund. 27


“In the beginning was chaos. While the universe began to expand after Big Bang it also decreased in temperature. It became more and more ordered. With that order, the Universe changed its background colour toward…

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fund. 25


“A tree consists of three parts: Its foliage, its trunk, and its roots. All three parts are important for the aesthetic feeling of nature. But of these three I find the roots most intriguing, most…

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fund. 26


“Sound. The soundtrack of our lives often passes us by without us noticing. But I have begun noticing the poetry of the noises around me. The rhythm and the song of the poet. The calling…

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fund. 12


Mist is a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air. Physically, it is an example of a dispersion. It is most commonly seen where warm, moist air meets sudden cooling, such as…

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fund. 26


“Atmosphere is a thin film of enclosure around our world. Without our vaporous, water filled atmosphere, life on Earth – or indeed life anywhere – would not exist. But atmosphere is also what you sense…

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