SLA is an internationally renowned nature-based design studio with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Oslo. Together we are 130 landscape architects, biologists, anthropologists, and city planners who collaborate on designing cities, public spaces, and nature on all scales.

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Want to send us an unsolicited application? Or do you have questions about open positions?

We will be happy to receive both. Please direct them to our people manager, Irtiqa Sheikh, via

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Are you a student and would you like to experience daily life at SLA? Then you can apply for an internship with us. We offer full-time internships twice a year at our offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen and once a year at our Oslo office – starting in the summer.

Keep an eye open for new postings here and on social media.

Due to collective agreements, we can’t accept anyone with a master’s degree for an internship position – you must be an active student. Unfortunately, we can not offer summer internships.


Working at SLA

We believe in a distinctly multidisciplinary approach to making livable and sustainable cities and value being a diverse workforce. Together, we are more than 130 landscape designers, architects, urban planners, lighting designers, anthropologists, biologists, sociologists, planting specialists, R&D/PhDs, microclimate designers and BIM Managers working together to enrich projects with specialist knowledge.

SLA is driven by a genuine desire to understand and change the world. The studio is constantly seeking new insights and discovering new ways of doing things. This strengthens our competencies and enriches our projects. To ensure an inspiring, learning, and sharing work environment, we have developed an internal R&D network, called sLAB, that you can choose to be a part of. The sLAB activities happen across our project teams and offices.

Explore futher

From the SLA Camp in 2021, where all 130 of us gathered.


Come explore the fundamentals of our office together with us.

fund. 27


“In the beginning was chaos. While the universe began to expand after Big Bang it also decreased in temperature. It became more and more ordered. With that order, the Universe changed its background colour toward…

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fund. 12


Mist is a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air. Physically, it is an example of a dispersion. It is most commonly seen where warm, moist air meets sudden cooling, such as…

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fund. 26


“Atmosphere is a thin film of enclosure around our world. Without our vaporous, water filled atmosphere, life on Earth – or indeed life anywhere – would not exist. But atmosphere is also what you sense…

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fund. 26


“Sound. The soundtrack of our lives often passes us by without us noticing. But I have begun noticing the poetry of the noises around me. The rhythm and the song of the poet. The calling…

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fund. 25


“A tree consists of three parts: Its foliage, its trunk, and its roots. All three parts are important for the aesthetic feeling of nature. But of these three I find the roots most intriguing, most…

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fund. 20

– The Book of Garden

Sakuteki – The Book of Garden is a manual, a textbook for Japanese gardeners in the 11th century. This introduction sounds like this: “In making the garden, you should first understand the overall principles. According…

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fund. 19

Essay: The Bark Room

“Bark is both living and dead, growing and cracking, a shell, a protective layer and an integral part of the wood’s tissue. It’s the bark structure and the way it peels, which separates the different…

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