Ranim Garden

Inspired by the elegant song of the green bee-eater, we raised an urban forest in the desert. Using the native flora of Abu Dhabi, we created a sustainable and active community park brimming with life – all life.

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Rasmus Astrup

Design Principal, Senior Partner


Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, UAE


10,400 m2


2022 — 2023


Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport


Lead Design Landscape Architect

Partners & Collaborators

Parsons, Nulty+, and Endpoint.

fig. 1 A Green Bee-eater, one of the many birds living in Ranim Garden
fig. 2

In Ranim Garden, we created an opportunity for the local community to gather underneath a dense canopy in the middle of the desert. Using our unique nature-based design, we created sustainable, shaded areas for both the local wildlife and children of the neighborhood.

Ranim Garden has immediately attracted several native animals – such as the Kuhl pipistrelle bat feasting on the many insects striving in the area. The park also offers various recreational and sporting opportunities for the local community – and due to its proximity to one of the local mosques, it acts as the natural gathering place for the local kids and community.

fig. 4
fig. 3

Building on years of ecological research into Abu Dhabi’s plants and biodiversity, SLA has designed Ranim Garden as one of six major parks in Khalifa City. The parks contain more than 6.700 trees and bushes, comprised of 40 different native plant species. All are specifically chosen to minimize irrigation, strengthen biodiversity, and maximize natural cooling for the well-being of the park’s many human and non–human visitors. SLA’s biodiversity study identifies 40 plant species, 55 bird species, 56 insect species, three mammal species, and four reptile species likely to inhabit the new parks.

Using our nature-based design, SLA has created sustainable and healthy community parks that promote an active lifestyle for the local communities. Inspired by the local traditions and with the use of native flora and fauna, we have turned the barren city blocks of sand into green, sustainable, and social community parks for the inhabitants of Khalifa City.

In April 2023, Khalifa Six City Parks was awarded the prestigious Monocle Design Award in the category of Best Urban Park.