Our shared challenges

Our projects are never isolated masterpieces. Instead, they form a continuous ambition to solve some of the biggest challenges facing our Earth today: From climate crisis and biological mass extinction to social inequality and the growing gap between humans and nature.

Here we share our solutions to our shared challenges. Come join us!

Living in a New Climate

We are living in a new climate. Every year people, plants, and animals are increasingly challenged by the impact of climate change. Across the planet, we need to take action to ensure a livable future in our cities and society. This is what we do. 

A Matter of Biodiversity

Life on our planet is sustained by biodiverse ecosystems. Yet somewhere along the way to urbanity, we forgot this. Most cities and societies are designed without ecosystems and biodiversity, excluding all species other than humans. We are set out to change that. 

Better Communities

All humans are social, need to feel safe and belong. Weather in dense cities, suburbs, or smaller communities. Yet many societies are struggling with major social challenges and stigmatized neighborhoods. We are dedicated to creating better and inclusive communities of social equity. 

Empowerment of Aesthetics

We live in an era where functionality and rationality most often win. Somewhere along the way, society ruled out aesthetics as an equally rightful value. At SLA we work with the balance of rationality and aesthetics – science and art – insisting on and daylighting the value of both.

Safe Cities

Urban safety is of rightful concern. However, increasing safety regulations of the public realm often challenge our social urban life. Fundamental values such as democracy and inclusiveness suffer, as we aim to make urban life safer. At SLA we focus on creating safe cities, without compromising fundamental human rights.

The Air We Breathe

Imagine a city, where a breath of air takes you into a lush forest! Unfortunately, in the majority of cities, that’s not the case. Poor quality of air has become the largest urban challenge in the 21st century. City nature can improve this. In various projects, we use nature-based design to enhance our urban health.

Put Nature to Work

Worldwide, industries and businesses are moving towards a green transition. The smart ones use nature-based design. As a company, using nature is an affordable measure to make sure that the green transition fulfills a triple bottom line. We help companies and businesses all over the world, with smart nature-based transitioning.