SUND Nature Park

The Mærsk Tower is a new research complex in central Copenhagen, surrounded by a biodiverse nature park, designed by SLA.

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Line Agnes Bjørløw Skjærlund

Head of Business Development


Copenhagen, Denmark


37,000 m2


2013 — 2017


Bygningsstyrelsen & University of Copenhagen


Lead landscape architect, design of bridge and green roofs

Partners & Collaborators

C.F. Møller Architects, Rambøll, Aggebo & Henriksen

SUND Nature Park is a groundbreaking example of a new type of modern campus park. In addition to supporting and strengthening a healthy study and research life, it becomes a new social gathering point for both researchers, students and the citizens of Copenhagen.

Here, the built and grown environment melts together in outdoor study places, green spaces for contemplation and plenty of opportunities for informal social gatherings. Moreover, SUND Nature Park strengthens the local climate resiliency and creates opportunities for stress-reducing nature experiences for the general public.

SUND Nature Park is state of the art in terms of sustainability and climate adaptation. The park is designed to handle the most extreme cloudbursts without the surrounding buildings or roads being flooded. Thus, all rainwater from both park, building and numerous green roofs is collected and naturally cleansed in the park as well as in large underground reservoirs. Here, it is recycled for park irrigation and greywater in the building.

Finally, the park is also adapted to Copenhagen’s world-renowned cycling culture through innovative cycling solutions. including underground bicycle parking with space for 1,000 bikes.

With SLA’s design, SUND Nature Park has become a new social and natural gathering point for researchers, students and citizens in Copenhagen. It is a new type of park in Copenhagen, which both supports a world-leading health science research institution; while at the same time strengthening the city’s sustainability and opportunities for stress-reducing nature experiences for all people.