Søndervold Nature Park

The green heart of Kanalbyen

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Tine Langsted Krogstrup

Project Director, Associate Partner, Architect MAA, MDL


Fredericia, Denmark






Lead Landscape architect

Partners & Collaborators

Rambøll, HedeDanmark

Søndervold Nature Park is the natural green heart of the new Kanalbyen neighborhood and a result of 12 years of meticulous interdisciplinary work. Initially, we created an open temporary landscape comprised of few but select trees, inviting the citizens to, once again, use the southern harbourfront of Fredericia, thus reintroducing the area into the inhabitants’ minds. We later used and incorporated some of the spontaneous citizen-driven initiatives that emerged in this initial period. We replanted some of the trees and kept some of the various community-driven initiatives, such as community gardens, as a central element of the finished Søndervold Nature Park.

fig. 1
fig. 2

The park contains 3200 trees, carefully chosen after our biologist’s thorough research into the unique characteristics of the landscapes surrounding Fredericia. We recreated several distinctive local biotopes, such as coastal pasture and salt-tolerant forests, inspired by the area’s existing natural qualities. We even collected seeds from these nearby habitats, thus supporting the specific local composition of species.

fig 4
fig. 3

“With Søndervold Nature Park, we are wrapping up a process that began when we kick-started Kanalbyen twelve years ago with a large and wild temporary landscape. Along the way, we have used nature to clean up soil pollution, create local ownership, and initiate a strong nature-based urban development – a development we take with us, among other things, by planting the 'temporary' trees in the finished park and making sure they continue to give joy and benefit the city”

— Stig L. Andersson, founder and partner of SLA.

Søndervold Nature Park is designed as a natural green wedge connecting the surrounding nature with the city. As well as to bring life to a once desolate part of Fredericia, once again connecting the city with the sea. The entire Søndervold Nature Park is also raised by 1m, turning it into a protection against storm surges and floods while increasing the recreational and natural value of the area tremendously.

fig. 5
fig. 6

Our nature-based design laid the foundation for a landscape with nesting, foraging, and overwintering spots for multiple species, immediately making it capable of supporting complex ecological networks.

Our biologists have already observed the presence of the field digger wasp (Mellinus arvensis) – a species of solitary wasps that lives in underground sandy burrows and collects flies for their larvae. This exact wasp species reveals that Søndervold Natur Park already contains unique biological niches supporting complex biological networks, confirming our nature-based design as successful in upholding complex, healthy, and thriving biotopes.

fig. 7 - Kanalbyen neighborhood
fig. 8 - The field digger wasp is one of the insects registered i the park by SLA's biologists. Here, it is seen with prey.


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