A Modernized Finger Plan

Updating and modernizing the iconic Danish 'Finger Plan' to create a Danish Capital Region in balance.

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Stig L. Andersson

Founder, Senior Partner, Professor


Copenhagen, Denmark


3,000 km2


2018 — 2019


Self-initiated project

Since 1947, The Finger Plan has set a special planning framework for the development of the capital area, which does not apply to the rest of the country. With a clear ambition to put the quality of life first, we have developed 5 suggestions for how the capital area can meet the challenges and needs that mark our times.

We believe that cooperation, new nature, a balanced development, new ways of building, living and financing, and an obligation of the building sector to support regional quality of life can ensure a future capital area that is both liveable and accessible for everyone.

Read our full proposal on Issuu, in either Danish or English.