Sønder Boulevard

From traffic artery to a lush and popular urban space in central Copenhagen.

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Kristoffer Holm Pedersen

Head of Business Development & Communications


Copenhagen, Denmark


1,6 ha


2004 — 2006 (phase 1), 2014 (phase 2), 2020 (final construction)


The City of Copenhagen


Landscape architect

Partners & Collaborators

Hansen & Henneberg, The City of Copenhagen

SLA has transformed Copenhagen’s central boulevard, Sønder Boulevard, from being a traffic artery to being a lush and popular urban space. Through a comprehensive community participation process, the residents of the area got the opportunity to place their fingerprint on the urban space: basketball courts, seating areas and blossoming peaceful gardens. SLA developed the flexible framework that not only brought new urban life to the area but also tied the borough of Vesterbro together with the City Center, the new Carlsberg Area, and the Central Train Station.

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