Climate adaptation & urban nature

A cross-departmental strategy for the City of Copenhagen on how to combine nature-based climate adaptation with ecosystem services and city nature.

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Alexandra Vindfeld Hansen

R&D Director, Partner, Landscape Architect MDL


Copenhagen, Denmark


2015 — 2016


The City of Copenhagen

Partners & Collaborators

The City of Copenhagen - The Technical and Environmental Administration, RUC, HOFOR, Kl 7, Orbicon, DTU Miljø, Habitats, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and University of Copenhagen.

SLA was chosen to facilitate a think tank consisting of experts from different fields to develop a solid framework for Copenhagen’s green identity and future urban nature. This development catalogue is the result of these deliberations and explores different perspectives and existing knowledge about nature-based urban development and implemented climate adaptation projects in Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Model is introduced as a concrete development tool that promotes and qualifies the decision-making process in all phases of a project, which ensures that urban nature’s potential is realized within the framework of the individual climate adaptation project.

You can find the full development catalog on Issuu, in both English and Danish.