Norway's New Government Quarter

SLA's transformation of Norway's New Government Quarter mixes the need for urban safety and security with the desire and ambition to create an active, open and social public life in the middle of Oslo.

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Louise Fiil Hansen

Design Director, Partner, Urban Designer


Oslo, Norway


182,000 m2


2014 —



Partners & Collaborators

Team Urbis: Nordic, Rambøll, Bjørbekk & Lindheim, Asplan Viak, COWI. Credit for all images: Team Urbis and Statsbygg

The new urban spaces around Oslo’s Government Quarter hold both utility value and amenity value – they are designed with regard to both safety and to giving citizens the opportunity to stay and move around. The project is a worthy memorial site with spaces for silence and contemplation while also actively taking part in the life of the city.

The project involves the transformation of an urban space with a lot of cultural heritage. In the landscape design, SLA works with connecting nature, history and culture – which is reflected and communicated in the design of the urban spaces – while at the same time presenting innovative urban solutions. By using existing spatial qualities as a starting point for the transformation and communication of the area’s history, logistics and flow, SLA ensures a clear aesthetics and cultural-historical identity in the new urban space around the Government Quarter.