Cité Administrative de Lille

A City of Nature

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Philippe Larocque

Project Manager, Architect


Lille, France


10,000 m2


2021 — 2023


The French State


Lead landscape architect

Partners & Collaborators

Bouygues Bâtiment Nord Est, Coldefy, Valode & Pistre, VP Design, Bérim, Inddigo, Elan, Métroergo, SIM Engineering, Setec Bâtiment, 8'18 '', Studios Ingénierie, Bouygues Energy & Services

SLA designs all the urban spaces for Lille’s new ‘Administrative City’ where 18 state departments will gather in five new buildings. Here, city nature and buildings are designed as complementary sizes in order to create an inspiring and stimulating place centered on well-being, health and collaboration for both the users of the administrative city and the inhabitants of Lille.

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In the continuity of the Concorde district, one of the greenest parts of Lille, the future administrative campus will fit harmoniously into the city. Like a bastion of biodiversity, our project will strengthen and develop the natural environment and re-establish links in the local green infrastructure. The 10,000 m² of green urban spaces, small parks, green terraces and hanging gardens are designed with six local biotopes.

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