Anthropological research & community engagement

SLA helps companies, municipalities, housing assosiations, and citizens improve their quality of life. We offer anthropological research and facilitate community and user engagement. We turn human understanding into a nature-based design that empowers the quality of life in cities and communities. We are specialized in the relation between humans and nature.

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Cecilie Jessen Hansen


With anthropological methods, we offer social baseline analyses of the present social life, before development. Urban life should not only be measured by the number of people, but by the quality of their lives. Hence, our social baseline analyses are both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Our anthropologists and sociologists combine deep knowledge of human behavior, with extensive user engagement to give our clients a true and fair fundament for a human-centered development.

Our team is trained and skilled in facilitating community engagement, and we specialize in visual, textural, and oral communication to all users.

We turn our learnings from the social baseline analyses and community engagement into the human-centered design.

Finally, we offer to monitor the social life, after realization. This gives our clients a fair overview of the social value gained by the investment.



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fund. 26


“Sound. The soundtrack of our lives often passes us by without us noticing. But I have begun noticing the poetry of the noises around me. The rhythm and the song of the poet. The calling…

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fund. 26


“Atmosphere is a thin film of enclosure around our world. Without our vaporous, water filled atmosphere, life on Earth – or indeed life anywhere – would not exist. But atmosphere is also what you sense…

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fund. 27


“In the beginning was chaos. While the universe began to expand after Big Bang it also decreased in temperature. It became more and more ordered. With that order, the Universe changed its background colour toward…

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fund. 19

Essay: The Bark Room

“Bark is both living and dead, growing and cracking, a shell, a protective layer and an integral part of the wood’s tissue. It’s the bark structure and the way it peels, which separates the different…

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“A tree consists of three parts: Its foliage, its trunk, and its roots. All three parts are important for the aesthetic feeling of nature. But of these three I find the roots most intriguing, most…

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fund. 20

– The Book of Garden

Sakuteki – The Book of Garden is a manual, a textbook for Japanese gardeners in the 11th century. This introduction sounds like this: “In making the garden, you should first understand the overall principles. According…

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Mist is a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air. Physically, it is an example of a dispersion. It is most commonly seen where warm, moist air meets sudden cooling, such as…

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