New parks, green public spaces and rooftop gardens right by Solli Plass in Oslo.

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Saji Ahi

Landscape Architect


Oslo, Norway


5,400 m2


2015 — 2022


Aspelin Ramm


Lead landscape architect. Parks, urban spaces, rooftop gardens. From sketch to delivery.

Partners & Collaborators


The transformation of the historic Sommerrokvartal will make into a multifunctional area with new recreative opportunities. Other than a new local hotel with outdoor serving areas and a green rooftop garden, the public of Frogner will get a number of connected park and green public spaces, designed by SLA

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As a basis for the landscape design and programming, SLA did a series of site and urban space analyzes. The new climate-adapted urban spaces are designed and detailed according to SLA’s work with the zoning plan, and local rainwater management with open flood roads is an integral part of the urban space design. Here, a central focus area has been to make the aesthetic and recreational value of the water come into play. This you will for example experience through water mirrors and open water channels in connection with the areas for playing and resting.

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