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We live in cities to benefit from each other, share resources, and socialize and interact with each other. Yet throughout the world, we see cities and neighborhoods, where living together is not as attractive and safe as it could and should be. At SLA we are dedicated to creating better communities, where the physical environment empowers the social sphere and strengthens social equity.

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Cecilie Jessen Hansen (Maternity leave)


Most municipalities and housing associations have recognized the importance of attractive urban spaces and the public realm in socially challenges neighborhoods. Our behavior and co-existence are affected by our physical outdoor environment.

At SLA we believe that nature holds the ability to affect all of us in a positive way. It stimulates our senses. Makes us aware of each other and our surroundings. And it makes us care. Along with robust architectural interventions and space design, nature can play a key role in creating better communities.

Our anthropologists and sociologist are a central part of our engagement in communities all over the world. We use their wide knowledge and deep insight into human behavior to infuse our strategies and design, so we ensure that our work has the intended impact on all humans.

We work together with a variety of housing associations and a wide range of multidisciplinary advisors and consultants, to provide the best, knowledge-founded guidance and design for communities and cities of social equity.


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The six most important things to know about butterfly habitats

The butterflies are in decline worldwide. In Denmark alone, every fourth butterfly is endangered. This is a result of the lack of habitats and pronounced use of pesticides and fertilizers following the intense agricultural use in the open landscape. However, cities have great potential to become oases of biodiversity, as it is easier to assign space and create suitable habitats for biodiversity in urban environments. This article introduces the six most important landscape and design parameters that must be considered if the butterfly is to be attracted as a permanent resident or frequent visitor.

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City nature is not nature

“City nature is not nature. City nature is something we humans design to solve the urban problems we have created ourselves. City Nature is about correcting 1,000 years of urban delusions that have separated the built and the grown (…)” says design director and partner, Stig L. Andersson, in this debate post, where he commends the government’s proposal to demand more and better city nature.

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Back when Earth turned green

Mosses were some of the first living things to make the Earth green more than 400 million years ago. In Denmark, there are about 650 species of moss, and the stories they tell are worth listening to.

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“Atmosphere is a thin film of enclosure around our world. Without our vaporous, water filled atmosphere, life on Earth – or indeed life anywhere – would not exist. But atmosphere is also what you sense…

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fund. 20

– The Book of Garden

Sakuteki – The Book of Garden is a manual, a textbook for Japanese gardeners in the 11th century. This introduction sounds like this: “In making the garden, you should first understand the overall principles. According…

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“Sound. The soundtrack of our lives often passes us by without us noticing. But I have begun noticing the poetry of the noises around me. The rhythm and the song of the poet. The calling…

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Mist is a phenomenon caused by small droplets of water suspended in air. Physically, it is an example of a dispersion. It is most commonly seen where warm, moist air meets sudden cooling, such as…

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“A tree consists of three parts: Its foliage, its trunk, and its roots. All three parts are important for the aesthetic feeling of nature. But of these three I find the roots most intriguing, most…

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Essay: The Bark Room

“Bark is both living and dead, growing and cracking, a shell, a protective layer and an integral part of the wood’s tissue. It’s the bark structure and the way it peels, which separates the different…

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“In the beginning was chaos. While the universe began to expand after Big Bang it also decreased in temperature. It became more and more ordered. With that order, the Universe changed its background colour toward…

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