Kongens Lyngby Centrum

Development plan and public space design of more than 240,000 m2 new green public spaces for the sustainable revitalization of Kongens Lyngby.

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Mette Skjold

CEO, Senior Partner, Architect MAA MLI


Kongens Lyngby, Denmark


240,000 m2


2022 — 2030


Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune


Lead Planner & Landscape Architect

Partners & Collaborators

Transform, Valentin Trafik, Dines Jørgensen, Pej Gruppen

SLA is leading the combined design & planning team that, over the next eight years, will develop and transform Kongens Lyngby into an even more attractive, green, and sustainable place to live, visit, and work.

Our development plan aims to make life richer in Kongens Lyngby: Mixing new and old, retail and public life, quiet pocket spaces, and active public plazas – all merged into a varied, green, and vibrant city center.

The 240,000 m2 development plan will future-proof Kongens Lyngby city center against climate change, increase the local biodiversity, and make the city center even more attractive, sensuous, and varied.

Kongens Lyngby Centrum A new and attractive Klampenborgvej will improve the area's safety, commercial ecosystem, and general public life.
Kongens Lyngby Centrum The Development Plan

Based on the city’s political visions and an extensive citizens’ engagement process, the plan will allow Kongens Lyngby to stay ahead of future megatrends and ensure that it remains attractive to all future generations.

“Team SLA’s project is an excellent proposal for the development of Kongens Lyngby. Their plan shows how we can build on the Lyngby we know while creating a strong connection between our city center and our green areas.”

— Sofia Osmani, Mayor of Lyngby-Taarbæk
Kongens Lyngby Centrum The winning team: SLA, Transform, Valentin Trafik, Dines Jørgensen, Pej Gruppen.
Kongens Lyngby Centrum Mayor Sofia Osmani and SLA Partner Mette Skjold.

The development plan will address the city municipality’s six central development themes for the transformation of Kongens Lyngby:

1) A strong retail and commercial life; 2) Secure and safe mobility with a strong focus on public transport; 3) A green and sustainable city center with easy access to nature and water experiences; 4) A high-quality development founded in history; 5) New housing that adds to the public life; 6) And a flexible development model that allows for constant learning and adaptation of the latest sustainable and architectural research into the designs.

Kongens Lyngby Centrum The new Canal Park will climate-proof the city center while adding new green-blue social experiences and opportunities.

“With our development plan and flexible public space designs, we create optimal conditions for all of Kongens Lyngby's many forms of life: From the city center’s commercial, urban and residential life to the entire Lyngby area's rich animal and plant life.”

— Mette Skjold, Partner in SLA

Along with the overall development plan, we are also designing a series of new, green public spaces and parks that will physically support Kongens Lyngby’s transformation and make the city center greener, more attractive, and more robust to climate change. The new public spaces include the re-design of Lyngby City Square, Klampenborgvej, the new Canal Park, and more.

The total expected construction cost of the new public spaces is estimated at 120 million DKK.

The development plan and new public spaces are expected to be finalized in 2030.