Sjøkanten Park

From industrial site to nature-based neighborhood

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E.C. Forfang

Lead Design Architect, Associate Partner, Cand.arch.


Stavanger, Norway


2017 — 2023


Profier Eiendom


Lead landscape architect

Partners & Collaborators

A-Lab (architects), Constro (constructor)

With our urban development project Sjøkanten Park in Stavanger, we transform Stavanger’s former steelworks into a new residential neighborhood. The district is centered around lush park spaces, public plazas, common courtyards, and varied blue-green social experiences.
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With Sjøkanten Park we reconnect the city of Stavanger with the fjord, making the old quaysides and industrial wharfs accessible for all. Central to this is the creation of a public ‘fjord park’ where water and nature attractions will form the social spine of the neighborhood together with shared spaces and facilities such as community gardens, bicycle workshop, kayak sheds, and a community house.
Nature-based rainwater management is an integrated part of the landscape design and will contribute to creating diverse water experiences and a whole new sensuous layer to the old industrial site.
The construction of Sjøkanten Park commences October 2021 and is set to be completed December 2023.
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