The City of
a Billion Pines

A nature-based vision for Beijing’s future development.

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Line Agnes Bjørløw Skjærlund

Head of Business Development, Associate Partner


The Danish Cultural Institute, 798 Arts District, Beijing


June 10th — July 3rd 2016

Partners & Collaborators

The Danish Cultural Institute and Realdania

The exhibition The City of a Billion Pines shows what happens when city and nature come together to create an entirely new type of city. The purpose is to create a concrete understanding of what a city can be when nature becomes complementary to the built environment. Thus, a complete city.

The exhibition invites guests to adopt the exhibited trees, which will later be planted in the Chinese metropolis. In this way, the citizens of Beijing can take action and work together to create the future of their city.

The City of a Billion Pines was realized in collaboration with the Danish Cultural Center and with financial support from Realdania.

“With this exhibition, we wish to show how a city that feels and functions like a forest is the model for future sustainable cities: Cities that both make us happy and address the global challenges humanity faces.”

— Stig L. Andersson