The Yellow Mud Garden

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Line Agnes Bjørløw Skjærlund

Head of Business Development, Associate Partner


Xi'an, China


1,000 m2


2010 — 2011


Xi'an International Horticultural Exhibition



As one of ten internationally acclaimed landscape architects, Stig L. Andersson participated in Xi’an International Horticultural Exposition 2011 with a public exhibition garden.

Drawing inspiration from The Yellow River and its rich clay that 3,000 years ago provided the breading ground for the Chinese civilization through ceramics, building materials, and art, SLA created The Yellow Mud Garden – a tribute to and reminder of the foundational importance of The Yellow River.

fig. 1
fig. 2

By means of large clay figures, mud in all colors, a restoration of the local flora, and a cross-cultural and socially inclusive landscape design, SLA created a distinct public park that could not have been situated anywhere but in Xi’an, close to The Yellow River.

fig. 4
fig. 3