Cradle to Cradle-certified aluminum pole

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Rasmus Grandelag

Studio Manager, SLA Copenhagen


5, 7 and 9 meters tall. Diameter of 102 mm.


Product designer

Partners & Collaborators

GH Form



In collaboration with GH Form, SLA has designed the sustainable light pole, High-Light.

High-Light is made of pure aluminum and is developed according to cradle-to-cradle principles. This means that the pole can easily be re-melted and reused, providing a potential energy saving of 95%.

The standard poles are produced in three different anodized treatments: chrome, dark bronze, and black. The surface texture brings to mind the horizontal patterns seen in birch bark.

The pole is produced in three heights: 5m, 7m, and 9m. Each pole can hold 3-4 fixtures and allow many choices of light sources.

Find more technical specifications on GH Form’s website.