Campus Linear Drain Grate

The drainage grate is designed by SLA and manufactured by GH Form.

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Rasmus Grandelag

Studio Manager SLA Copenhagen, Partner


500 mm. x 140 / 190 / 240 / 330 mm.


2005 — 2006


Frederiksberg Municipality

Partners & Collaborators

GH Form (manufacturer)

The Campus Linear Drain Grate is part of the ‘Campus’ series – a line of urban product designs, originally developed for SLA’s design of five urban spaces in Frederiksberg new city center.

To lower the total CO2 emissions, both the cast iron drain grate and the polymer concrete channel are produced in Denmark. Find more information about the Campus Drain Grate and its CO2 account at GH Form’s website.



Besides the linear drain grate, the Campus series includes tree grates, paving slabs with light stripes, paving slabs, and a bollard.

The Campus Drainage Grates and Light Stripe Paving Slabs
The Campus Drain Grates and Rectangular Tree Grates

The coherent use of the Campus products in Frederiksberg City Center creates visual ties between the five urban spaces and has become integral to the aesthetics of the area. SLA’s project ties together important destinations such as Frederiksberg High School, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg Library and the Frederiksberg Shopping Mall. SLA got the task to turn the empty areas between the buildings into a livable and attractive city center. The result was five award-winning urban spaces, each with its own unique identity and atmosphere.


The Campus Circular Tree Grate. Image courtesy of GH Form.
The Campus Light Stripe Paving Slabs and Drain Grates.