Bodø Coastal Trail

Preserving 'the feeling of nature' is the central motivation for SLA's work with the design and realization of Bodø's new coastal trail.

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Marit Lutnæs

Project Manager, Landscape Architect MNLA


Bodø, Norway


6.5 km


2018 — 2023


Bodø Kommune


Lead consultant

Partners & Collaborators

COWI, Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Novatek

A new combined coastal and nature trail, designed by SLA, will soon run along 6.5 kilometers of Bodø’s coastline. The project is called The Feeling of Nature and is designed to emphasize, strengthen and connect the Bodø Coast’s many unique natural attractions: the fjords, the mountains, the forests and the cultural landscapes – which the landscape project will stage in sequences.

Through the new coastal trail and a number of support points, Bodø’s wild nature will be made accessible and communicated to all, while the area’s small communities become more closely linked.

In the ongoing realization process, the incredible nature experiences will be made available to everyone – on nature’s terms.


fig. 1
fig. 2

“The goal is to make it easy for Bodø's population to get close to the good feeling of nature.”

— Louise Fiil Hansen, Design Director and Partner, SLA Norway
fig. 3 Andedammen
fig. 4 Yttervika