SLA wins big urban development project in Nivå

We are pleased to share that SLA together with NIRAS has won the exciting task of designing all of Nivå Bymidte’s new urban spaces, green wedges, and infrastructure.

With the vision of bringing the city’s social and biological life closer to the city center, the 150,000 m2 project will ensure a vibrant, climate-adapted, and safe urban environment for all. The project has a total budget of DKK 71 million and is part of Fredensborg Municipality’s 0.5 billion investment in the vision for the Future Nivå City Center — also including ‘Generationernes Hus.’

The nature of Nivå will be brought closer to the city center

SLA and NIRAS won the task with a strong vision of bringing the experience of Nivå’s nature into the city center and creating good opportunities for both urban life, retail, and wildlife.

Our vision is to turn the worn-down city center into a safe and vibrant place with a strong social community and an attractive retail environment. To achieve this we will, among other initiatives, create an eventful, new city nature inspired by the clay pit ponds, the lush valleys, and the dynamic coastline that surrounds Nivå. With a new Nivå-inspired city nature, we can simultaneously future-proof the city center with nature-based climate adaptation and strengthen the local biodiversity,” says Mette Skjold, partner and CEO in SLA.

Nivå City Center The new city nature will be inspired by the clay pit ponds, the lush valleys, and the dynamic coastline that surrounds Nivå. A new brick pavement will create references to the brick production that was essential for the city of Nivå through 300 years.

“"When you arrive at Nivå City Center in the future, you must already at the train station square be met by a vibrant urban environment where children, young people, adults, seniors, trees, plants, and birds collectively give a noticeable feeling of diverse life buzzing and living between the buildings."”

— Mette Skjold, partner and CEO in SLA

The project will be developed for Fredensborg Municipality in collaboration with KFI Erhvervsdrivende Fond, DSB Ejendomme and Fredensborg Forsyning. The new urban spaces, green wedges, and infrastructure are expected to be fully realized in 2026.


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