The Social Spine wins the Scandinavian Green Roof Award 2022

We are happy to share that The Social Spine has won the 2022 Scandinavian Green Roof Award.

The Social Spine is our 160-meter-long rooftop transformation of the iconic 1970s Øresundskollegiet – from grey concrete line to green social spine.

In its motivation, the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute jury writes:

“The Social Spine is a great example of how green roofs of the future can be developed not only on newly built structures but also through retrofitting existing buildings. The project shows wise use of material and a so-needed focus on circularity at the same time as achieving high biological, aesthetical, and recreational qualities. The project clearly shows how nature-based solutions not only can contribute to environment change but also play an important role in social renewal and transformation.”

“The Social Spine is a direct extension of Øresundskollegiet's 70s vision of community. We know that the best setting for strong social gatherings is in nature. That is why we have brought nature up-close to the residents - we have done it for the plants, the animals, the microclimate, for the Friday bar, for study time, and for biodiversity.”

— Rasmus Astrup, Design Principal & Partner

A big congratulations to all of Øresundskollegiet’s 1500+ student residents, our client FA09, advisors arki_lab, engineers ABClausen, and Optimus Anlæg A/S.

Read more about The Social Spine here.


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