The Courtyard of the Future inaugurated

How do we secure Copenhagen’s courtyards against cloudbursts while making them greener, more sustainable, and more livable? This was among the challenges for ‘Tomsgårdsvej – Courtyard of the Future,’ a new innovative climate adaptation project in Copenhagen’s North-West quarter, which has just been inaugurated.

The transformed courtyard shows how clay, sound, light, and new materials can form the framework for a new type of climate adaptation. Among other elements, the project includes a winding rammed earth wall that contributes to climate adaptation, ties the steep landscape together, and creates sheltered niches for stays. Next to it is a new orangery built from recycled bricks and windows, functioning as the central gathering point of the courtyard. Besides saving resources, the re- and upcycled solutions have thus also become a part of the place’s new identity.

In addition to cloudburst protection and various outdoor spots for play and hangouts, a new soundscape has been added to the noise-plagued courtyard. Running along the rammed earth wall is now a water staircase specially designed by SLA to create a comfortable, trickling sound. At the new playground, SLA planted a dense ‘forest’ of quaking aspen, as their leaf structure makes a pleasant rustling in the wind. In total, 195 new trees and bushes of 92 species are added to the garden. To strengthen the place’s biodiversity, SLA has designed both the planting and the lighting to accommodate the needs of the residents and the local birds. Lighting is made in two different heights and wavelengths to minimize light pollution. Thus both the natural sleep rhythm of the local birds and people’s access to the starry sky are taken into account.

The water staircase is specially designed to create a comfortable, trickling sound.
156 tons of concrete have been saved, by building the walls from rammed earth instead of concrete.

The project at Tomsgårdsvej is the newest courtyard project in Copenhagen’s Climate Quarter – an initiative under the Municipality of Copenhagen which aims to develop new methods for green, recreational, and sustainable climate adaptation of the existing city.

SLA has designed the courtyard for the City of Copenhagen in close collaboration with HOFOR, NIRAS, Egen Vinding & Datter, Logik & Co, Scheller, Hougaard & Petersen, and Næste.

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