SLA wins 85,000 m2 masterplan for Oslo's old Fornebu Airport

We are thrilled to share that we have won the design and masterplan competition to transform Oslo’s old Fornebu Airport around Flytårnet Station into a new 85,000 m2 mixed-use city district.

The new city district of Flytårnet Station will consist of 55,000 m2 housing and 30.000 m2 mixed-use, including a new school and a multipurpose sports hall. The city district has ambitions for a 50% reduction in emissions, with a strong focus on green and active mobility and diverse social infrastructures.

Flytårnet Station city district will be a diverse district at the crossroads between the urban, the cultivated, and the natural. The buildings’ footprints are organized around an elongated, central public space with Flytårnet Station as an anchor point. A network of connections and adjacent public spaces spreads out in the new district and supports a variety of activities for different users.

“With the new Flytårnet Station, we're creating an accessible, green, and attractive city district with a true neighborhood feeling for all to enjoy.”

— Kjersti Wikstrøm, Managing Director, SLA Norway

A clear ambition in the design process has been to facilitate a diverse user group with different needs and interests. Accessible and attractive public spaces are an important measure in creating good neighbourhoods; therefore, each connection and each public space play a unique role.

The public spaces are differentiated according to size, location, degree of publicity, use, and program. From semi-private courtyards to neighborhood streets, from urban shopping areas to neighborhood squares, new zones are created with places to stay, shortcuts, activities, greenery, as well as unique characters, densities and programming.

The central public space around Flytårnet Station is the district’s main ‘active axis’ with a bustling public life with shopping, cultural activities, and social events. Smaller neighborhood plazas will create local and flexible neighborhood feelings with special paving, many new trees, and flexible urban furniture that can be adapted as needed.

All streets also serve as public spaces for communal functions and informal gatherings. The streets can be used for emergency and utility traffic, but are essentially car-free and prioritized for active mobility with seating areas, vegetation, and various programs and activities. In this way, the streets become a natural and including part of the urban fabric.

All in all, the new Flytårnet Station will be an accessible, green, and attractive city district in Fornebu with a true neighborhood feeling for all to enjoy.

The project is done for our client OBOS in close collaboration with our friends Helen & Hard and Asplan Viak.

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Kjersti Wikstrøm

Managing Director, SLA Norway, Architect MAA, Urbanist


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