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Our studios are in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Oslo


Njalsgade 17B, Pakhus 2, 3rd floor
2300 Copenhagen S

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Mejlgade 55B, 2nd floor
8000 Aarhus C

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Hausmannsgate 6
0186 Oslo

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Aaste Gulden Sakya

Project Manager, Landscape Architect

Annesofie Milner

Landscape Architect MNLA

Anton Juel Lund

Landscape Architect MDL

Camilla Lutro Kristensen

Landscape Architect

Carlotta Vollmar

Landscape Architect

Cecilie Andberg-Moum (maternity leave)

Project Manager, Architect

Dale Wiebe

Landscape Architect

E.C. Forfang

Architect MAA

Erik Gustav Borén

Junior Landscape Architect

Franziska Meisel

Studio Manager SLA Oslo, Landscape Architect, Urbanist

Frida Kaul Varøystrand

Office Assistant, Oslo

Hanna Husum

Landscape Architect MDL

Helle Blindheim Strandhagen

Landscape Architect MNLA

Hronn Valdimarsdóttir

Landscape Architect MNLA

Ine Kjelgård

Urban designer

Kenjiro Kito

Landscape Architect

Kjersti Bjerke

Project Manager, Landscape architect MNLA

Kjersti Wikstrøm

Managing Director, SLA Norway, Architect MAA, Urbanist

Lise Anette Breivik

Architect & Urban planner

Louise Fiil Hansen

Design Director, Partner, Urban Designer

Mads Djurhuus

Urban Designer

Marit Gjerholm

Controller, SLA Norge

Marit Lutnæs

Project Manager, Landscape Architect MNLA

Mette Riiser Svensen

Communications and Business Development Coordinator, Norway

Mia Thun

Landscape Architect MNLA

Olav Stikbakke

Landscape Architect MNLA

Saji Ahi

Landscape Architect

Sandra Vinge


Sindri Thorkelsson


Stefani Maricic

Landscape Architect

Sunniva Førland

Landscape Architect MNLA

Victoria Batten

Architect MAA, RIBA Part II

Victoria Cobeña Serrano

Project Manager, Landscape Architect MLA