China Mobile Nature Campus breaks ground

Our China Mobile Nature Campus in Nanjing has broken ground.

In the project we have designed the central green nature park as the heart of the new China Mobile Nature Campus, tying the various building plots together in one coherent nature-based design.

The nature park creates the best working conditions for China Mobile’s employees by bringing nature into each employee’s daily work life and ensuring that all employees are encouraged to connect, innovate and share knowledge together.

“Our nature park for the China Mobile Nature Campus is designed as one circular ecosystem that brings utility value, amenity value and branding value to China Mobile. With the design we are pushing nature right up close to the buildings, even extending it onto the rooftops. The aim is to create a direct relationship between workspaces and nature, thus maximizing the healthy, creative, innovative and social effects of the park’s biophilic design – even when inside the buildings,” says Rasmus Astrup, design principal and partner in SLA.

The nature park design learns from Nanjing’s existing nature by using regional materials, existing terrain and native plant species to create a local ecosystem within the Innovation Campus. The ecosystem – consisting of local typologies the river, the flooding area, the open land, the forest mountains – is a celebration of Nanjing’s natural history and identity. The ecosystem is designed to handle rainwater and cloudbursts, reduce noise and air pollution, and improve the campus’ microclimate by creating optimal year-round working conditions in Nanjing’s humid subtropical climate – both inside and outside. Here it is possible for all employees to experience nature, have walk-and-talks, organize informal meeting or simply take a ‘brain break’ and restitute one’s energy and creativity.

“China Mobile Nature Campus will emphasize China Mobile’s brand as a first-mover company who takes climate change, biodiversity, sustainability and social employee conscience seriously in all its actions.”

— Rasmus Astrup, design director and partner in SLA

The China Mobile Nature Campus is designed in splendid collaboration with our friends Schmidt Hammer Lassen / Perkins & Will.


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