Budolfi Square chosen as the Danish representative for European Green Cities Award 2021

We are happy to share that our Budolfi Square in Aalborg has been chosen as the Danish representative for this years’ European Green Cities Award.
Budolfi Square is designed by SLA in collaboration with The Municipality of Aalborg and realized by NCC, ByMunch landskab, Kjaer Og Richter, Balslev rådgivende ingeniører, OK Nygaard and Light Bureau.
In the video below, the central stakeholders in the project, including partner and design director in SLA Rasmus Astrup, talk about the transformation of Budolfi Square and the thoughts behind it.
Video courtesy: The Municipality of Aalborg.


SLA adopts new strategy and welcomes 10 new partners

We are pleased to share that SLA has appointed 10 new partners and 7 new associate partners.

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Honors to SLA's car-free Gata Grønland at Landskapsarkitekturprisen 2023

We are proud to share that SLA, Fragment and The City of Oslo have received an honorable mention at The Norwegian Landscape Architecture Award 2023 for the successful work in reshaping Gata Grønland in Oslo into a lush and vibrant gathering place. The project is being honored for “(…) pointing towards what our cities can become.”

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Downsview Framework Plan wins the Toronto Urban Design Award!

We’re happy to share that our resilient masterplan for North Toronto’s new Downsview district has won the prestigious Toronto Urban Design Award!

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