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Latest update 22.04.2014

SLA through to 2nd phase in the Gellerup park competition.

Team SLA, comprised of SLA, EFFEKT, COWI, Social Action, GAM3 og Boris Brorman Jensen, are through to the 2nd phase in the competition to design the new urban park in Gellerup, Aarhus.

The team now competes against 2 other teams for the job of creating a unique area for recreation and cross-cultural activities - a new 'green spine' in Gellerup.

The three proposals are exhibited at 'Madtorvet' in City Vest untill the 30th of April, and can also be viewed at Helhedsplan Gellerups kontor in Aarhus.




Stig L. Andersson awarded the C.F. Hansen Medal

The Danish Royal Academy has awarded Stig L. Andersson the C.F. Hansen Medal for outstanding performance within the field of architecture.

The C.F. Hansen Medal is the most prestigious honours awarded to danish architects, and it has previously been awarded to only a few landscape architects including G.N. Brandt - one of Stig L. Anderssons own personal sources of inspiration.

According to the Academy, the reasons Stig L. Andersson was awarded til C.F. Hansen Medal are the unique distinctiveness of his work, its artistic expression, his insistence on an unusual integration of knowledge from very diverse professional arenas, and his great interest for the complex contexts to which architecture is applied.



SLA shortlisted for C2C masterplan in Sweden

Along with the co-creator of Cradle to Cradle; William McDonough + Partners and GXN, SLA will develop a proposal for how the new area “Kilen” in Ronneby can become Sweden's first cradle to cradle inspired neighbourhood.

The team was shortlisted from among 26 applicants to convert a central industrial site into an innovative green neighbourhood. A neighbourhood that is not confined to leaving less bad environmental footprints, but actually leaves positive ones.

The project involves a workshop in March where the project team will work to formulate the ideas for the project.

Read more here


SLA opens office in Oslo

SLA is experiencing strong growth and increased demand in Norway. The office now opens a new branch in Oslo in order to provide even better service for clients and partners.

'With the new office in Oslo, we take the obvious next step to forge even stronger ties with our Norwegian clients and partners. In Norway we have experienced rapid growth and increased demand for the core services that SLA offers. By being physically present in Oslo we become a fully entrenched player in the Norwegians' awareness when it comes to innovative use of nature to design modern and sustainable cities', says Mette Skjold, Managing Director of SLA.

SLA Oslo is led by Head of Studio Louise Fiil Hansen who can be contacted at +45 3176 5841 and lfh@sla.dk.


SLA to design new musical landscape to Roskilde Mining and festival area

SLA has in collaboration with artist Morten Stræde developed a landscape and art strategy for Roskilde Mining and festival area.

The landscape is divided into ten subareas each with its own identity. The areas are extremely flexible in their use all year round, as they will function both as an everyday landscape and an event scene.

Every year a new work of art is added to the landscape as a natural and embedded part of the nature. The first work of art, "Floating World" by artist Morten Stræde is to be built in 2014.

Read more here, or watch a film about the project.



Stig L. Andersson curator of the Danish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale

The Danish Architecture Centre and the Ministry of Culture have appointed Stig L. Andersson as curator of the Danish Pavilion at the 14th International Architecture Biennale in Venice.

"With Stig L. Andersson at the head of the Danish contribution to architecture biennale I expect a unique, thoughtful and poetic exhibition, which based on the Danish architectural history will give the audience a sense of how we can think and develop the future Denmark” says Kent Martinussen, CEO of Danish Architecture Centre.

The exhibition will officially open on 7 June 2014 and can be seen until 23 November 2014.

Read more here


SLA to design the first residential area in Vinge

SLA has, in collaboration with Rambøll, been chosen to design the detailed plan for the first residential area in Vinge called Søkvarteret. Vinge is a new city located in Frederikssund Municipality. The city covers an area of 350 ha and will house 10,000 inhabitants in 4,000 new dwellings.

Søkvarteret is centrally located in the new city directly connected to scenic areas. It is the first residential area in the new city and will function as an indicator of the future urban development.

The development plan is expected to be completed in April 2014 after which the land development can commence.

Read more here, or on Vinge’s facebook page here


FredericiaC finalist at World Smart Cities Awards 2013

SLA's nature project in FredericiaC is nominated for the World Smart Cities Awards 2013. A temporary landscape and integrated landscape strategy for the development of Fredericia's new city is the reason for the nomination.

World Smart Cities Awards recognize and reward the most ambitious and innovative projects from around the world that develop and rethink the smart city concept. FredericiaC is in the finals with six other projects from Japan, Germany, Spain and China.

The prize is awarded during the World Smart Cities Expo in Barcelona 19 to 21 November.

Read about FredericiaC here.

Read about World Smart Cities Awards here.


SLA exhibits in Rome

SLA’s project Fredericia C is one of 24 selected projects exhibited at the Casa dell’Architetura in Rome in the exhibition OpenSource Urbanism: strategies and tactics for the transformation of public space.

The exhibition is part of a series of events organized by the Biennial of Public Space in collaboration with the Casa dell'Architettura, headquarters of the Order of Architects of Rome, with the aim of collecting the most innovative ideas and projects on the transformation of public spaces from around the world.

The exhibition will run from November 7-21.

Read more here


Mette Skjold speaks at Swedish Architects' Arkitekturgalan


This year the theme of the Arkitekturgala is 'The climate of Architecture'. Mette Skjold is invited to talk about how SLA works to create sustainable societies in Denmark and beyond.

Read more about the Arkitekturgalan here.



New Partners in SLA

Mette Skjold and Rasmus Astrup are new partners in SLA. Mette Skjold and Rasmus Astrup, together with SLA's founding partner Stig L. Andersson, ensure the company's continued development and internationalization.

Mette Skjold joined SLA in 2010 and has since 2012 been Managing Director. As new partner, it is Mette Skjold’s task to strengthen SLA’s organizational development with focus on international growth, innovation and customer focus.

Rasmus Astrup has been part of SLA since 2008 and has been the driving force behind a number of the company's biggest projects. As partner and Project Director it is Rasmus Astrup's responsibility to optimize SLA's sales and to strengthen the company's profile on sustainability.


Learning from Nature – SLA lectures at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen

On October 29 SLA’s project director Rasmus Astrup gave the lecture: Learning from Nature at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in Copenhagen.

The lecture was held in front of 200 international architecture students in connection with the course: Poetics, the Work and the Universe and explained SLA's working methods and philosophy, highlighting The City Dune, which the 200 students analyzed during the course.


SLA and Wingårdhs win in Stockholm

In collaboration with Wingårdhs, SLA has won the competition for Tullinge Idea House - a combined library and cultural center located south of Stockholm, Sweden.

Wingårdhs are the building architects of the Idea House, which SLA has designed the landscape for. The other participators were strong international teams, among others consisting of Zaha Hadid.

The landscape unites two urban spaces with the new Idea House. The design of the landscape is like a sensuous journey of discovery that balances between light and darkness and changes with the seasons. The planting combines the Swedish forests with wild nature of urban character.

Read more here.


SLA designs landscape for new private hospital in Norway

SLA will be designing the landscape of a new private hospital and science city in Norway. The ambitious construction of the 100,000-m2 campus close to Gardermoen Airport in Oslo is expected to be completed in 2017.

SLA collaborates with Nordic Office of Architecture. The goal is to create a healing hospital environment that ensures an increased quality of care, make the hospital processes more efficient and creates good patient experiences.

By utilizing terrain, vegetation and modulation SLA transforms the characterless and congested starting point into a healing environment that enables the landscape to be used both recreationally and for rehabilitation.

Read more here


Stig L. Andersson lectures at Beijing University

On September 16 Stig L. Andersson gave the lecture Atmosphere: Quality, Perception and the Concept of Time in Landscape Architecture in Beijing as part of SLA’s Chinese study trip.

The lecture was held in front of a full auditorium at the Peking University Graduate School of Architecture.

Stig L. Andersson was invited by Professor Li Dihua and Kongjian Yu, the founder of Turenscape.


SLA shortlisted for new urban spaces in Gellerup

SLA is shortlisted for the competition about the design of new urban spaces in Gellerup and Toveshøj - an ambitious and exciting project involving social inclusion and new recreational possibilities in a challenged area of Aarhus.

The goal of the competition, organized by Realdania, Brabrand housing association and the City of Aarhus, is to merge the many diverse urban spaces of Gellerup into a harmonic, functioning and appealing district not only for the residents of the area, but also for the citizens of Aarhus in general.

SLA is the lead consultant of a team consisting of EFFEKT, COWI, Social Action, GAM3 and Boris Brorman Jensen.

Read more here


Ringkøbing K chooses nature

SLA has been chosen as lead consultant for the development of the new town of Ringkøbing K.

This is revealed in a statement by chairman of Ringkøbing K, Uffe Steiner Jensen:

“In the parallel assignment [held in the spring of 2013] SLA presented a convincing proposal as to how we can bring nature all the way in between the buildings in the new town, and how a coherent nature project throughout the entire development can become an attraction right from the start. These are some of the urban development solutions we want to work on, and that is why we have chosen SLA as lead consultant."

The development plan is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014.

Read more about SLA’s proposal for Ringkøbing K here


SLA to design Scandinavia's largest marine park

Scandinavia's largest maritime attraction park of over 230,000 m2 with ravines, sharks, conference center, surf world, lagoons, diving, adventure rivers and wildlife - all tied together in an attractive Scandinavian water landscape rich in experiences. This is the concept behind the Nautilus Marine Park for which SLA has designed landscape and park.

SLA's design makes it possible to get close to the marine park's many animals and different marine biotopes, and allows the guests of the park to have new, unique experiences both under, above, on and in the water.

Nautilus Marine Park is located in Frederikstad, Norway, and is scheduled to open in 2017. Collaborators are LINK Arkitektur, Multiconsult, r.h.a. and Ocean Projects.


Groundbreaking ceremony for the International Criminal Court

A historic milestone was reached with the ground-breaking for the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday, 16 April 2013 in The Hague, Netherlands.
ICC is one of the international community's most important institutions. The new building complex, designed by schmidt hammer lassen architects, will be the court's first permanent premises. SLA has designed the ICC’s landscape.
Located close to the North Sea, the new Court building is set in the rolling dune landscape on the edge of The Hague. The main concept is a sculptural arrangement of buildings in the landscape – a landmark that expresses ICC’s authority without losing the human scale.

ICC will be finished in the summer of 2015.

Read more




To be a landscape architect

is a short film that shows the scope of the landscape architect profession at SLA: From tangible urban design and project management to client presentations and sale.

The film is produced by The Faculty of Science, Copenhagen University as part of the faculty's 'What can I become'-series.






Ringkøbing K

SLAs project 'Ringkøbing K - In the midst of Nature' was published at a well-attended exhibition opening in Ringkøbing 6 th of March 2013.

Here Team SLA presented their proposal for a new, vibrant urban development, where nature, the Ringkøbing Bay and a strong community will provide a framework for development.

In Ringkøbing K the new development starts with the creation of an attractive and active landscape. This ensures that the area has great amenity value from the day the first residents move in. The exhibition is open until April 19.

The winner of the competition will be revealed April 3.

See all proposals for the new Ringkøbing K here


SLA invited to IGA 2017

SLA's is, in a field together with Turenscape and Field Operations, among five international architect offices that have been specially invited to participate in the competition for the International Gartenausstellung (IGA) Berlin in 2017.

The competition covers a 102 hectare area in the district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf and includes the planning of the exhibition site as well as the permanent design of a new, green urban area.

SLA takes Buro Happold with us in the competition to create tomorrow's green German capital.

Read more about IGA 2017 here.


SLA, HLA and COBE wins ESS - The European Spallation Source

SLA has won the competition for ESS - European Spallation Source in Lund, Sweden together with Henning Larsen Architects and COBE.

The ESS is a new pan-European science center located in Lund, Sweden. The ESS will become the world's largest and most complex neutron research facility when completed in 2025.

SLA is responsible for the landscape which facilitates safety through planting strategies and terrain, and at the same time acts as a unifying, recreational element that gives ESS opportunity to meet the world with openness.

Read more about ESS here


SLA wins Karlshamn Culture Center and Library

SLA has won the competition for a new culture centre and library in Karlshamn, Sweden, along with schmidt hammer lassen architects and Buro Happold.

Karlshamn Culture Centre and Library will become the city's new meeting place. Here, on 'Östra Piren' pier of the city harbor, SLA’s landscape will connect the Culture Center with the city, the harbor and the surrounding Swedish archipelago.

Amongst the landscape attractions will be a green and welcoming Library Park with recreational as well as dynamic activities: Green habitats, diverse tree species and a variety of grasses will mix in with outdoor workshops, children's learning areas and outdoor seating for the café.


Anti-terrorism security of Danish Parliament

SLA has, together with sub-consultant Ramboll, been prequalified to give tender for the upcoming terrorism security project of the Danish Parliament.

The project covers the parliament area of Slotsholmen, including Prins Jørgens Gård, Christiansborg Castle, Frederiksholms Kanal and Christiansborg Ridebane.

SLA has extensive experience in linking security issues, anti-terrorism and landscape qualities, especially in the studio’s work on the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.