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Novo Nordisk Nature Park

Novo Nordisk’s new landscape is an interpretation of the phenomenon known from danish woodlands; the dead-ice landscape. The nordic landscape cements the strong and distinct brand which defines Novo Nordisk and mediates the company's unconditional commitment  to innovation. The pathways winding through nature stimulates the senses of its emplyees and facilitates knowledge exchange, discussions, synergy and social meetings between employees in transit.


Service Masterplan, landscape design and coordinating contractor
Location Bagsværd, Denmark
Type Competition, first place 
Client Novo Nordisk
Design period 2010-11
Realization 2011-14
Area 31.000 m2
Partner Henning Larsen Architects

In Novo Nordisk's new park the boundaries between worklife and leisure disappear. Frogs, trees, red cheeks and wonder become natural elements of a day's work.