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         SLA is an internationally renowned
           urban development consultancy
         working with landscape,
          urban design and city planning.

“There are two sides of the concept of nature, the rational side which is calculable and makes the city effective and the other one, that you cannot measure, but only feel. You can call it the gut feeling. We base everything on one of them while the other one has almost been lost in our society.”

Stig L. Andersson in Mikrofonholder at Radio24syv



“ The jury finds the proposal of high esthetic value, where the play and flow of water brings logic to the landscape. With a blue-green approach it creates a new and unique model for flood management. It leverages utility investment for more holistic, sustainable and resilient results that create both social and technological benefits. The proposal breaks new ground and has development and export potential though a smart application of technical, cultural and social values ”. 

- The jury of Nordic Built Cities Challenge

SLA, Atkins and Holscher Nordberg are the winners of the competition to kickstart Ballerup City Center!

See the project here

SLA receives the Copenhagen Business Award.

SLA receives the Copenhagen Business Award.