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New Corporate Center for Novo Nordisk



Location: Bagsværd
Client: Novo Nordisk
Team: Stig L. Andersson, Flemming Rafn Thomsen, Rasmus Astrup, Kirstine Vestergaard Høj, Juan José Palma-Alvarez, Louise Bengtsen

Design period: 2010-11
Realization: 2011-13
Area: 31.000 m2

Collaborators: Henning Larsen Architects, Alectia



SLA has, together with Henning Larsen Architects and Alectia, designed a new corporate center for Novo Nordisk.


The corporate center, that will house the company's top management and 1.100 administrative staff, is located in a large, green park, designed by SLA.

Novo Nordisk's new park will not only provide a recreational setting for the two new buildings, but also in itself provide Novo Nordisk with additional opportunities for dynamic knowledge sharing and synergy.

SLA has thus created a prominent landscape that in its inclusive and stimulating complexity serves as the total landscape brand of Novo Nordisk.




SLA's landscape design for Novo Nordisk interprets and expands on some of the finest natural expressions known from the Danish forests and landscape.

The landscape uses a wide palette of native plants which over time will grow into 'forests' and habitats and offer an informal green frame for both the indoor and outdoor lives of the employees.

Here, the boundaries between work and leisure is erased: Bell Frogs, red cheeks and recreational strolls will form a natural part of the everyday life at Novo Nordisk.



The flowing idiom of the landscape encourages meetings between the employees, which in turn encourages an active work environment with great opportunity for knowledge sharing and innovation. The park trails are designed to give the greatest possible experience both spatially, topographic and textural.

The park's traffic nerve of generic white asphalt paths accentuates the outdoor experience which is enhanced by the combination of movement, presence and stay.

The park trail is tailored to give the greatest sensuous variation of light, shadow, colors and sounds. The curved course of the path provides varied and unpredictable experiences in the daily transit through the park from one building to another.


The different blossoming of the trees will create a vibrant, lush and colorful expression. Pine and blue spruce will produce a blue-green color palette in the park all year round.

In winter, the pine and spruce will be complemented by white birch and red and orange cherry trees. The cherry trees will provide colorful blooming in the spring when the remaining trees are gradually greening. The multi-stemmed and wild trees look after themselves, so the biotopes can evolve with natural succession and minimal care.

Overall, SLA's landscape will provide Novo Nordisk with a strong, new brand, while employees, customers and guests will receive a landscape that provides room for recreation, social meetings and a stress free environment all year round.



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