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Frederikssund Harbour Square



Location: Frederikssund Harbour Square
Client: Municipality of Frederikssund
Team: Stig L. Andersson, Karen Margrethe Krogh, Christian Restorff-Liliegreen, Stine Poulsen, Lars Nybye Sørensen
Collaborators: Dines Jørgensen, Niras
Design phase: 1999-2001
Construction: 2001-2002
Area: 9.500 m2
Cost of construction: 710.000 €


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The quayside and the activities of the fjord became a new focus for the town when the industrial dock in Frederiksund was closed down in 1998, and the area was transformed into a useful and sensory space for the population.



Cast iron gutters and three surfaces of slate, granite and cast iron break up the asphalt. The planting beds are covered with oyster and mussel shells or flora that refer both to the character of the site before the industrial harbour and to the nearby dunes. Ash trees mark the squares convergence with the rest of the town.





The quayside lies in an angle around the dock and creates a unifying central and open space that both addresses itself to the water, the fjord and the town. The maritime history of the area is a theme of the project. The choice of materials speaks of the earlier activities at the site such as shipping and mechanical industry. Part of the square is paved with yellow concrete slabs, and slopes gently from the preserved customs house towards the water, where it ends in a water stairway of granite. The rest of the square is laid with asphalt which has been surface-treated with yellow maize-stone.