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Children Create Space for Movement



Team: Ulla Hornsyld, Martin Søberg
Design phase:
Construction: 2009-2010



In recent years there has been increased emphasis on how the physical environment can stimulate children to move more. But children are seldom consulted in the design process. The project ‘Children create space for movement’ focuses on how children can participate in the planning and transformation of the environments they use in their daily life.



The pilot project will result in an attractive outdoor space that invites play, creativity and movement. In a 4 day workshop the children will have the chance to define which experiences and activities the area will contain.



The project group will translate the inputs from the children into a cohesive design that provides architectural solutions to the ideas and wishes of the children. Later, a follow-up workday is to be held where the children have the opportunity to give feedback on the work of the project group. They will also have the chance to participate in the detailing of features such as benches and dens.